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So How Do I Get Started?
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We need cars. You need cash. It's that simple.

Why sell your car?

Life changes happen. Your daughter could buy her first new-job car, leaving her college junker sitting in your driveway. Aunt Sally passes away and you inherit her '88 Buick LeSabre. Your wife's new job is on the commuter rail line. A medical emergency takes a family member off the road. Or maybe you don't need a car now but you could use some cash. Whatever the situation, our expert buyers at Key Auto Buying Center of New England have got you covered. Just give us a call to set up a hassle-free, no-obligation appraisal, gather some information and cash in on wheels you don't want. Inquiry to offer, check in hand, often in less than 30 minutes. Easy.

Why Sell to Key Auto Group - your local car specialists
  • Simple information gathering process - no lengthy online questionnaires
  • No middle man - when you sell to us, you deal with us, directly
  • Fast, free appraisals - have your offer in under 30 minutes
  • A brand you know and trust - Key Auto Group
  • Best price - our knowledgeable Key Auto Buyers will offer you a fair price based on both:
  • An evaluation of your vehicle using our comprehensive online market analysis software
  • Your shared knowledge of the history and current condition of your vehicle
  • No pressure/no obligation - we are here to buy vehicles, that's it
  • Straight-forward, transparent transactions: assess-appraise-test drive-offer-check
  • No driving, no waiting - we can come to you ANYWHERE in New England (or schedule an appointment at a convenient KEY location)
  • Paid today - if you accept our offer, we cut you a check 
  • Hassle free pay-off of your loans
  • We handle the paperwork - even if you're still financing the vehicle
  • Save time, make money - the whole sales cycle can take as little as 30 minutes
What you need to do to sell your car to Key Auto Buyers

  • You provide a Key Auto Buyer with basic vehicle information including the history and current condition of your vehicle (we will walk you through this)
  • The Key Auto Buyer then evaluates your vehicle using online market analysis software and compares it to the current used vehicle market
  • The Key Auto Buyer makes a tentative offer, contingent upon our in-person evaluation and test drive.
  • You gather all the necessary documents, keys and remotes outlined in the "Seller Provides" list below
  • A Key Auto Buyer meets you at your desired location at your desired time to confirm the vehicle condition and answers any additional questions you have
  • The Key Auto Buyer test drives and visually inspects the vehicle
  • The Key Auto Buyer makes an offer
  • You accept (or decline) and the Key Auto Buyer draws up the paperwork
  • A Key Auto Buyer cuts you a check on the spot and takes the vehicle away
"Seller Provides" Checklist

I own my vehicle and I have the clean title in hand:
  • Vehicle registration
  • Valid Photo ID of all registered owners
  • Title
  • All original keys and remote controls, owner's manual
I have a lien on my car:
  • Vehicle registration
  • Valid photo ID of all registered owners
  • All original keys and remote controls, owner's manual
  • Loan payoff information:
  • Be prepared to sign over the right for our Key Auto Buyer to payoff you loan and to receive the title from your lienholder    
  • If you owe less on your vehicle than the offer made by the Key Auto Buyer, a check for the difference will be mailed to you upon receipt of the title from your lienholder
  • If you owe more on your vehicle than the offer made by the Key Auto Buyer, a check, money order or credit card payment for the difference must be made at onsite to your Key Auto Buyer
Please note, we cannot accept cash at offsite locations. Only transactions performed at a Key Auto location can accept cash payments.

Call now and earn more for your vehicle!

The longer you wait to sell your vehicle the less it is worth, so don't wait, call today. The average vehicle loses 20% of its value in its first year and 15% of its value for the 5 years after that. Meaning if you have a $20,000 used vehicle and wait a month to call Key Auto Buyers of New England - that vehicle's value has now guaranteed to drop in value about $250, and in some cases as much as $2,000*

One short phone call. One short visit and you could be in the green and free of a vehicle you don't need.

Call us today: 603-319-0428

*Current market is effected by many factors including trends, recalls, weather, wholesale dealer auctions and a variety of other factors.

**At this time we do not buy salvage or branded titles.